Website Design in Rockford, IL
At Astute, we’re proud to call Rockford our home and we’ve been here for over 18 years.  We’re more than just order takers – we’re on your team!  We believe shaking hands and meeting in person goes a long way into figuring out what makes sense for your business.  Work with real people, with real ideas, at our real office (on Newburg Road close to Perryville).
We’re with you every step of the way!
Why Astute?
  • Personalized, expert service
  • Experienced
  • Emphasis on great design
Stunning web designs
  • Optional hosting so you’re always speaking to a live person. Unlim bandwidth and size, weekly backups!
  • Warranty the site for the life of the site
Eli Nicolosi

Eli Nicolosi

President | Creative Director

As the founder of Astute Web Group, Eli Nicolosi brings more than 18 years experience as an illustrator, web & graphic designer. Mr. Nicolosi earned a bachelor’s degree in Art & Design from Columbia College in Chicago, Illinois.


Maddie Appino

Maddie Appino

PGraphic Designer

Maddie specializes in visual identity and brand development. Maddie works with clients to create cohesive designs that reflect their culture and goals with both print and electronic media.


Kerstin Grey, MA, MAT

Kerstin Grey, MA, MAT

Director of Marketing & Business Development

Kerstin Grey provides marketing and proposal services for Astute. She is a front end contact for our clients. She brings over eight years of experience in proposal design and response.


Melchor Valencia

Melchor Valencia

Senior Web Developer

Melchor Valencia provides a wide array of programming and backend development for Astute’s clients.  He specializing in PHP, Javascript, VB.net, MS Server, Oracle, MS Access, MYSQL, HTML and more.